​​Using a flexible central RCM SCADA system Link2 have the ability to Collect, Store, Analyse and Mind Data from any asset in addition to creating reports, graphical and tabular visualisations of data and transmit this via email or sms text to anyone that may require it. We have a flexible open web front end that allows access by anyone with the ability to connect to the internet and a connection package that allows us to connect any asset type to it via a variety of communications media and developed plug-in. 

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We deliver innovative IT driven solutions tailored to individual business requirements that promote continuous improvement and success in any industry sector.


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​​The CHG Group's RCM portfolio covers various industries and consumer requirements and it is successful at providing cost effective solutions to virtually any challenge. Taking the Rail Industry as an example, the ability to merge our years of experience and expertise in Process Analysis, Rapid Deployment and Commercially Available Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment coupled with our knowledge and experience in the rail industry has ensured that we can provide our esteemed clients with Rail ready products at non-rail prices. 


​​Link2's strength lies in it's ability to provide both Product and Service across the whole product development life-cycle and then combine this with many years of know-how in the development of RCM technology. Our experience of developing and deploying technology and systems in a wide variety of industry sectors allows us to deliver the best of established technology and partner it with our knowledge of how to apply this in the Rail Environment.


​​In 2008 Link2 developed our first RCM package for the Rail Industry, delivered using the Agile Approach to new product development, that contributed to a 50% improvement in Asset Performance. Using the Agile Approach we were able to deliver a product in incremental stages, working flexibly with our client to refine the specification as the understanding of the asset and business requirement developed. Link2's innovative approach to the problem reduced the cost by an order of magnitude and provided a malleable system that has been developed in service to be able to add new functionality and other asset types quickly and cheaply.  

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​​Link2 are now in a position where we have national coverage with our central RCM system, covering the AzLM Axle Counter and have many systems installed in hundreds of REBs across the network. We are currently developing a plug-in for the Saft UPS System and have complementary systems managing points, power supplies, trackside, REB, location case and critical rail temperature via our COMPASS RCM interface. We have developed our first prototype system for Earthworks & Drainage in conjunction with our partners at Cisco and Rockwell Automation. We are also developing a cost-effective points RCM system to complement our COMPASS system and have developed concepts for complete level crossing RCM, including battery monitoring.