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Collection, loading and on-time delivery of these wagon sets to the main line is crucial and penalties can be incurred for failure to meet strict main line time windows. Train movement animation alone helps the user verify correct system operation but much more information can be obtained from the model by collecting track and locomotive utilisation data throughout extended runs. System bottlenecks may be identified by the utilisation data and give pointers to opportunities to relieve them either by varied train timetables or through investment by network changes. In each case the cost benefits may easily be measured and resulting increased throughput quantified. 

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Railway sidings are used as part of bulk loading or delivery points in logistic transportation networks. These may take the form of logistic distribution systems, mineral mining & quarrying and port & terminal operations. For the rail guided networks in complex railway sidings, first the network junctions and their connecting links and the allowable directional movement of trains are mapped using guided vehicle network feature in Arena. These provide for perfect modelling of both locomotives and attached wagons. With Area's new animated network feature, this also allows for accurate modelling and animation of variable multiple wagon/coach combinations as the loading and shunting of trains is carried out. Input to the network is in the form of the actual train loading timetables directing locomotives to collect wagon sets from main line access points to the sidings. 

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