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Using standard routers and interfaces, the COLLECTOR connects the front panel or diagnostics port of equipment to interrogate and receive a wide range of diagnostic data. This gives you similar capabilities to having an engineer present in the equipment room or cabinet permanently, saving valuable resources used on routine maintenance tasks.

The COLLECTOR is also a secure WiFi point which allows an array of sensors to be deployed quickly without the need for extensive wiring, making ad-hoc monitoring easy. Simply select from a range of standard, low power WiFi, battery operated sensors according to what you would like to monitor. This allows you to quickly diagnose a range of fault conditions.

The COLLECTOR is always online and provides a continuous stream of time and location stamped data to the WAREHOUSE for action. A GPS Receiver provides an accurate location and time reference for the data stream to verify context. This allows information to be overlaid onto network schematics and used to build a fault event time line giving you the complete picture to help diagnose dependencies leading to a failure.

Battery backup options keep the COLLECTOR running in the event of a power failure giving you a high degree of resilience and autonomy from the system being monitored, which means that you won't lose information when you need it the most.

We deliver innovative IT driven solutions tailored to individual business requirements that promote continuous improvement and success in any industry sector.

Let's look at the detail of how to build ASSET MONITOR for your infrastructure:

  • Collector - gets the data from sensors and equipment in RAMs and Locs
  • Sensepoint - measures a range of physical properties (temperature, voltage, power) and more complex instruments (earth fault, points, ground frame, TDR)
  • Communicator - uses a combination of existing connections with rail approved radio to send data from Collector to Warehouse
  • Warehouse - stores data from Collectors and other sources and runs analytics, rules and sends alerts such as emails or SMS
  • Viewpoint - displays information using dashboards, graphs, reports on any browser enabled terminal device or mobile app. 


A wide range of instruments can be connected to the COLLECTOR provided they have a suitable interface (such as USB, Ethernet, WiFi). Control of the instrument can be achieved remotely, which allows investigation to be focused on a potential fault. Low power WiFi sensors are capable of being powered by battery for up to 5 years, which simplifies installation and cost.

  • Low Power WiFi
    • Voltage / Temperature & Humidity / Power & Run Time Recording / Occupancy / Track Temperature / Time Domain Reflectometry / Detects Degrading Cable Open, Shorts & Impedance Changes / Works on Live Circuits with Continuous Monitoring / Earth Fault Detection 
    • CCTV 
      • Low Bandwidth with Hi-Resolution Zoom
      • Fire Detection 
        • World Renowned Firefly Systems & Solutions 
        • Axle Counters 
          • Thales / Siemens / Frauscher 

So what are the Key features and benefits of the ASSET MONITOR solution?

  • Uses Standard, Rail Approved Commercially Available Units 
    • Lower Cost / Installed & Maintained by Existing Staff / Quick to Deploy / Progressive Implementation Gives Immediate Benefit
  • Dual path communications using existing links 
    • High Availability and resilience
    • Interfaces to Proprietary Equipment​​
      • Monitoring Independent from Equipment Vendor
      • Autonomous Operation
        • High Availability / No Dependencies on Equipment Being Monitored
        • Open Source Standards
          • ​Can use the Best Breed of Equipment and Developers / No Licence Cost
          • Uses Existing Equipment and Terminals
            • ​Lower Cost of Ownership / Can be Maintained by Existing Staff and Suppliers


Information is displayed on any browser enabled terminal or mobile device that is already being used by employees or contractors. 

There is a mobile app available licence free to authorised users from the App Store or Google Play. This means that information from the smallest implementation is available immediately to diagnose faults, allowing for a rapid implementation to be deployed around problem areas. 


ASSET MONITOR is a rail based platform that operates today across all Network Rail regions to give you the information you need to detect developing faults in your infrastructure before becoming costly failures. Condition based maintenance is the only realistic option for equipment across the rail network to solve problems of access restrictions and improve efficiency. Using the Internet Of Things (IOT) technology as part of the Digital Railway, ASSET MONITOR uses data collectors and sensors that work autonomously, keeping you informed when you need it most, even when major equipment failures block your view, making this a complimentary system to COMPASS.

ASSET MONITOR uses standard commercially available, approved units and exists as an overlay system that is unlocking data held in proprietary closed systems, without compromising operational performance or certification.

Many units used are already installed including regional servers and can easily be supplemented with additional sensors and high availability communications. Existing display terminals are used to keep key personnel informed through ergonomic dashboards that can be drilled down to reveal more detail when required.

A responsive Mobile Application is available licence free to all in the railway maintenance community. This means that ASSET MONITOR can be implemented progressively by existing staff and sub-contractors and start delivering results immediately.

ASSET MONITOR is built around open standards and components that are ORBIS compatible. All our software is open source and can be used by the rail supplier community licence free. This freedom means you can use the best of breed without being locked in, allowing existing staff and contractors to be used to maintain and develop the system which lowers your cost whilst giving you maximum flexibility.


WAREHOUSE gives you the option of storing data on servers already installed in all Network Rail regions, by a third party provider or cloud. This allows the data security policies to be maintained whilst giving you maximum flexibility.

Data analytics are performed using internet technologies which allows progressive development using open source modules allowing collaborative programmes. The software modules can be either implemented on Cloudfoundry platform or existing servers.

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The COMMUNICATOR provides multi-path channels to the collector using any available communications such as rail telephone, fibre and cellular data.

In the event of a failure on one channel, data transmission is switched to an available channel without loss of any data. This gives you high resilience and available which is essential in the event that equipment failure makes a channel unavailable.

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