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Formal training is highly recommended to ensure that you receive the most from your investment in Arena Simulation Software. As the UK & Irish Partner for Arena, we offer a variety of customer-specific and on-site training packages at your premises or class room training at our facilities. All courses are taught by our team of experts who have a broad and in depth range of simulation experience. Whichever path you choose, we are confident that you will benefit from our Arena training services.

Throughout the years, we have developed and tailored our training to be flexible through carefully considered course content, materials and structure of exercises to cover the needs of the client based on their business environment. To ensure that you and your team get the most out of a training package, we include application-focused coaching providing a 'project jump start' to begin your own modelling efforts with the expert advice of our professional staff.

Whether you are the 'Decision Maker', a 'Future Simulation Modeller' or indeed an experienced 'Arena Simulation User' there is a training solution we can design for you. 

Decision Maker - One Day Package

This one-day training service consists of an even balance of presentations and hands-on workshops to engage with up to five attendees. During the day, we develop your understanding of why and when you need to simulate and indeed what those simulation results mean and how to analyse them. There is also a focus on providing you with a hands on experience with the simulation tool which will inevitably aid in the appreciation of what resource is required to model a particular business process.

Future Simulation Modeller - Three Day Package

This three-day workshop is perfect for those who are just starting out on their journey to use Arena Simulation for modelling business processes. The training is a mixture of presentations, case study tool boxes and professional coaching thus keeping you engaged and accommodating those with various learning preferences. With up to five attendees, we can ensure each trainee receives sufficient one to one time and develops those necessary skills required to embark on modelling project.

At Link 2 we understand the importance of tailoring the training to meet those modelling challenges inherent in your business environment. However, the objectives for this training package are typically the same across all business sectors and can be summarised as follows: 

  • Learn how to capture a process with simulation
  • Understand what it takes to move from a description of your process to a simulation of your process
  • Understand why you need to simulate
  • Understand the kinds of questions and answers you can get from the use of Arena
  • Leave with sound practical advice for how to succeed with simulation
  • Have hands-on experience with Arena
  • Be able to use Arena in your first simulation project

If you think that this is the right training package for you and your team, get in touch to discuss availability and let us promote simulation success within your business. 

Advanced Arena Modelling - Bespoke Package

Already an Arena User but dream of doing more with the tool you have and doing that even quicker? With over 25 years of experience using the tool, we have one of the most senior and advanced Arena modelling teams in the world. Why not take advantage of our knowledge and continue your personal development?

Our Advanced Arena Modelling Packages are designed specifically to meet your needs and ensure you continue to succeed as a simulation engineer. As a result, there is no pre-defined course plan with a set number of days or attendees. Objectives may differ from one client to another but typical goals are summarised below:

  • Reduce your modelling efforts
  • Program agent-based logic in Arena
  • Master the Arena debugging tools
  • Interface Arena with external files 
  • Increase capability to model complex systems

As with all the training packages we offer, with Advanced Arena Modelling training there is an application focus to help you progress a real project. With this in mind, we often closely link this package with Consultancy Support to ensure that you have a successful model at the end of the project with clear deliverables and added value.


If you would like a personal no obligation meeting and discussion about how our Arena Training Services may help you, contact us today on or +44 (0) 114 2180 479.

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