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Throughout the years of modelling complex business processes, Link2 understand that regardless of industry, many businesses still face the same challenges to continuous improvement and success. Arena enables companies to address these business challenges in a fast and cost effective manner. Do you recognise any of these?

Operational Efficiency 

Are you aspiring for a 'Lean' Operation?

Finding Bottlenecks

Where is it? How do we remove it? 

Increased Throughput

What could you do with more? 

Cost Savings 

Where can you save costs? How? 

Increased Reliability

What happens when it all goes wrong? 

Hiring Decisions

Is more staff really the answer?


There are many advantages which promote the use of discrete event simulation within a business. Perhaps the most significant is the ability to optimise your process and build a business case to support projects without impacting daily operations, therefore making the changes low risk with high return. 

Arena provides an opportunity to compare alternative designs to your current or planned process with the inclusion of system variability and interactions within the system. With the option to run the hours/days/weeks of process operation rapidly with the choice to repeat 1000's of times, you can observe complex systems and their behavior over time, thus making it easier to identify those bottlenecks.

The Arena software is driven by a flowchart with multiple layers of visualisation which includes, 2D and 3D representation. This is particularly useful if you are looking to communicate your ideas or the improvements to the process to others. 


With over 35 years of development, Arena is easy to use and accessible to those with limited to no experience of software modelling. Don't just take our word for it, with over 350,000 users worldwide there is no shortage of examples where Arena has optimised a whole host of business challenges. Furthermore, with Rockwell Automation backing and supporting on-going development of Arena, the software is guaranteed to continue it's market leading precedent. Arena is not just a commercial tool, with over 900 universities choosing to teach Arena and 42,000 students graduating each year, Research & Development really can benefit from DES too!


As UK and Irish Arena Partner, Link2 can leverage our experience of simulation to support your efforts to solve critical strategic & tactical issues helping to prevent time and resource constraints becoming an obstacle to completion of your simulation project  and implementation of positive change.

Whether you need technical assistance on a daily basis, additional training or total project support, Link2 will help you to foster success and enjoy the benefits of simulation for your business. 

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Arena is used all around the world by companies in a variety of industries to assist with an array of business challenges. No matter what your challenge is, the beauty of simulation is that you can model your process, make your changes based on your decisions, test them within the software and only then implement those which yielded the results you was looking for! 

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