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PA&I is a service designed to improve or optimise all aspects of business, technical and process-related design and analysis. ​ The service utilises​ our wide range of scientific and process expertise to investigate technical or process failures, scenarios and issues. This allows our customers to take a fact-based approach to requirements capture or analyse a process in order to understand, quantify and model as-is or multivariate scenarios. The data can be used to quantifying a process in order to automate or make modifications to a process in order to automate or make modifications to a process design to de-risk any subsequent decision making. It is especially useful in removing conjecture and guesswork from requirements capture in order to support safety-critical design.


​Using specialist Process Expertise, Statistical Techniques and Flexible Software we can Map, Analyse, Quantify and Model any Process, ranging from people movements in stations, staff movements during perturbed working or train movements across simple or complex areas. We can deploy Technical Software to modify parameters to support Statistical Multivariate Scenario Planning; to identify areas where processes can be modified to Improve Throughput or identify where failures could occur to Improve Safety and Reliability. We can optimise flow and throughput of Materials, People and Plant, Trains or Vehicles to achieve the most efficient operations to Maximise Business Profits.

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Currently many customers see Process Analysis and Modelling as expensive and out of reach of standard projects and new product developments. Equally many customers aren't aware of the power of Process Analysis in capturing Accurate Requirements for the design of Safety Critical Systems. We can bring a Cost Effective Solution - tailored to the individuals needs - in order to de-risk any New Venture, Product Development or Process Design. This allows you to take a Fact-Based approach to Project Justifications, Safety Case Quantification and New Product Developments, eliminating guess-work and conjecture from Decision Making.


Process Analysis and Optimisation greatly reduces the risk of error in Business Case Forecasting, Project Requirements Analysis and Safety Related Design & Development. This in turn dramatically reduces the prospect of safety or reliability failures in Equipment or Process Design, the expense of Re-design & Re-work costs and the potential for Business Cases to fail based on erroneous assumptions made during Planning & Concept Development Phase. 


​Drawing: A basic Process Analysis of Securing Points during failure of the Signaling System, detailing time, manpower, all physical actions and potential sources of failure. 


​We have many examples of effective use of Process Analysis in the development of systems such as Network Rail's AzLM Remote Condition Monitoring System, or our Stingray Train Detection System, currently under development. At present we are engaged with a number of major Blue-Chip Org​anisations to bring our expertise to improve Business Performance, examples of current work are detailed below:

Project: Sidings & Loading Area Optimisation 

Using our Arena Simulation Software capability we are currently working with a client to Optimise use of a number of quarry depots and railway loading areas, with the objective of providing information to justify Expansion of the Operation to increase Capacity in Plant and Movement by Rail. Train Movement Detail has been modelled to show various operating models and the resultant capacity increases that could be expected from each, this information has been fed into the business modelling in order to justify expansion in operation. We have also been able to link this modelling work with our Sister Companies in order to develop a New System for Siding Management and Automation, bringing additional unforeseen benefits to the project as a whole. 

Project: COMPASS Degraded-Mode-Working System​

Using our Process Analysis Expertise we have mapped the detailed process of Incident Management covering Real Incidents, the whole set of Players Involved and Business Analysis in order to develop a set of fact based requirements for the design of the overall suite of products being developed for the Digital Railway. This data has been used to define Key Requirements to allow Automation of Manual Processes - bringing an estimated 40% Improvement in Performance and providing a factual baseline set of data to the process in order to provide a benchmark for Safety Case Justification and demonstration of Process Management to EN50126 and EN50128. 


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