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Link2 has significant experience in the development of safety-related control systems utilising mass produced, commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment, software and systems across a wide business portfolio. We have the capability to take a project from Concept to Completion and have demonstrable experience of being able to develop in an Agile Framework for the Rail Industry, including major providers. We pride ourselves on delivering demanding, complex systems which are both cost effective and flexible. 


​​​​Link2 are specialists in the development of systems utilising PLC and SCADA control, the development of control interlockings; bespoke design at generic prices; centralised or remote control systems and new product development. We have demonstrably delivered systems into the Rail Industry which are cost effective and have pioneered the Agile Methodology in the development of Signalling Technology. 


Project: Trackworker Protection System 

The CHG Group are utilising our Base ​Train Detection System to develop a Rapid-Fit Train Operated Warning System in order to protect staff working on the track during train operations 

Project: Remote Signal Disconnection System 

Utilising the CHG Group's expertise in COTS Technology, Wireless Communication & Safety System Development, we are developing a prototype system to allow remote disconnection of signals to speed up taking of possessions for work on track. This system is taking advantage of our ability to bring detailed Process Analysis to demonstrate a safety case for the deployment of future system.

We deliver innovative IT driven solutions tailored to individual business requirements that promote continuous improvement and success in any industry sector.

Project: Stingray Weather-Resilient Rain Detection System

This project is turning our Stingray Train Detection System into its first application to be used as a backup train detection system that can be deployed in areas of known flood risk. This will allow trains to continue to operate under conditions of failure of the primary train detection system.  

Project: COMPASS Degraded Mode Working System 

Link2 are currently engaged developing a suite of products that can be deployed individually to mitigate the effects of failure on the national network, comprising a brand new train detection system that does not suffer from any of the current failure modes: a points management system fully utilising mass produced COTS technology and train-borne positioning system intended to allow trains to move securely under Degraded Mode Conditions. 


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