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We deliver innovative IT driven solutions tailored to individual business requirements that promote continuous improvement and success in any industry sector.

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Real-time Remote Condition and Performance Monitoring of Assets from anywhere on an internet connected device.


link your process to your people


Link2 Ltd are an independent Sheffield based company specialising in tailored solutions for a variety of business challenges. Our flexible and innovative approach enables Link2 to offer their customers a personal solution that is both fit for purpose and future proof. We have formed strategic global partnerships with key companies in the technology market including for example Rockwell Automation, Cisco and Microsoft. These strong relationships with our partners and suppliers provide the foundations for a cost effective, robust and reliable solution through the use of proven commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment.

All Link2 solutions are IT driven and are designed to overcome engineering challenges of the modern business and industry. With expert Software and Automation knowledge in-house and preferential access to market leading COTS equipment, we combine the very best resources available to provide a high level Turnkey Solution. Specific expertise includes;

  • Automated and Remote Data Collection, Analysis and Visualisation
  • Software Development
  • Web Based Connectivity
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Instrumentation, Control and Automation
  • All PLC, SCADA, I.T. Systems and Industrial Networks
  • ​Enterprise Intelligent Engineering 


Link2 Ltd was formed due to great success experienced within the CHG Electrical Engineering company, an Electrical and Control Systems Engineering organisation dedicated to delivering Electrical Solutions that also forms part of the CHG Group.

To ensure the very best in innovative solutions for our esteemed clients, we formed a new organisation dedicated to Data Collection and Management now known as Link 2.

From that moment on, we have endeavored to create history and ensure that we are there fore those who want to be forerunners and early adopters of new and exciting technology whilst also offering the perfect solution for those who want to bring their business up to date. 


The CHG Group provides a unique range of cutting edge Products & Services through our skilled and accomplished people. Our Agile Group Structure allows for efficient cross utilisation of resource to provide a truly exceptional and comprehensive package including Project Management & Turnkey Solutions to our esteemed clients.

Our capabilities are supported & developed by our highly motivated staff who are experts at utilising their years of experience to ensure that the client's needs are met and surpassed. The CHG Group are well versed at working within the Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Public and Educational Sectors.

Link 2 Ltd.

2 Wortley Road Deepcar Sheffield Yorkshire S36 2UZ UK


In-house software programmers enable design of bespoke software solutions including mobile device connected apps.

Don't play guessing games with business decisions. Use discrete event simulation to model and optimise your process.

Specialists at taking on complex projects and delivering success from start to completion using a unique agile approach.